Links and Video

Poetry Society Poetry  Class website with free downloadable lesson plans by the Poetry Class team of poets, including Cliff Yates on William Carlos Williams’ ‘This is Just to Say’.

Online poems by Cliff at PN Review,  Ink, Sweat and TearsAnd Other Poems, Molly BloomInternational Times,  Morning Star, Great Works, Stride Magazine, and others.

English in Education article : ‘Writing like writers in the classroom: free writing and formal constraint’ by Cliff.

Guardian feature on Cliff Yates by David Ward:  ‘A few choice words from the guru’

Times Educational Supplement article, ‘Transcendental Dedication’ on Cliff Yates teaching at Maharishi School, by Kate Clanchy.

Times Educational Supplement  review of Jumpstart Poetry in the Secondary School by Kate Clanchy.

Times Educational Supplement  ‘Book of the Week’ review of Oranges: Poems from Maharishi School  by Sian Hughes.

Times Educational Supplement  ‘My Best Teacher’ on Cliff Yates, interview with Joe Broughton.

The Times Educational Supplement archive contains ‘Young Poet’ poems selected by guest poet Cliff Yates,  ‘Poems for Refugees’ series of articles by Cliff, Young Poet poems by Maharishi School students selected by other guest poets, and various other articles written by Cliff for the TES.