Arvon Teacher Week, July 2019

Very much looking forward to tutoring the Arvon Teacher Week with Catherine Johnson, July 22nd-27th at The Hurst in Shropshire. An Arvon course at Lumb Bank was hugely important when I started out writing. This is a great opportunity for teachers – and it’s subsidised.

According to John James

This has just arrived. I’m pleased to have work in here along with such good company. Thanks to Kelvin Corcoran, and to Tony Frazer at Shearsman. The cover’s by Bruce McLean. Copies available from Shearsman.

From the Shearsman website:
‘Sadly, John James passed away in May 2018, just a month after launching his New & Selected Poems, Sarments (Shearsman Books) in London. Here friends, admirers and colleagues take their cue from 2 quatrains in James’s ‘Theory of Poetry’, and respond accordingly: Anthony Barnett, Kelvin Corcoran, Chris Cornwell,​ Lyndon Davies,​ Andrew Duncan,​ John Goodby,​ John Hall, ​Alan Halsey,​ Peter Hughes,​ Romana Huk​, Linda Kemp,​ Mark Leahy,​ Tony Lopez,​ Anthony Mellors,​ Ian Patterson,​ Simon Perril,​ J.H. Prynne, ​Denise Riley, Peter Riley,​ Gavin Selerie, Simon Smith,​ John Temple,​ Nick Totton, Karlien van den Beukel,​ Robert Vas Dias,​ Geoff Ward,​ John Wilkinson, ​Cliff Yates, plus a painting by Bruce McLean on the cover.’

John James

Sad to hear that John James has died. One of the writers whose work I go back to again and again. I met him when he came to do a reading at Edge Hill University in 2005. Such a nice bloke, and a remarkable poet.

‘I reach toward the poetry of kindred
where we speak in a work as we seldom do otherwise’

from: ‘Poem Beginning With a Line by Andrew Crozier’ in Cloud Breaking Sun (Oystercatcher Press, 2012).