What a great start to the year. Thank you so much everyone who contributed to this online festschift in celebration of my work, published by Leafe Press. To Alan Baker & Andrew Taylor for editing this as well as contributing. Thanks also to Robert Sheppard, Neil Addison, Charlie Baylis, Sue Dymoke, Kelvin Corcoran, Matt Fallaize, Patricia Farrell, Angela Keaton, Ian McMillan, Nick Power, Pam Thompson, Scott Thurston, Steve Van-Hagen, Matthew Welton, Luke Yates, Ruth Yates & Tim Youngs. It was a surprise, and hugely appreciated. Robert Sheppard has blogged about the festschrift here, and Sue Dymoke here.

Update: warmest thanks also to Peter and Ann Sansom for their contribution posted on 13th January. To be honest, I’ve been pretty knocked out by the whole thing.


Workshop tomorrow

There are one or two places left on my workshop tomorrow morning in the Poetry Business Digital Workshops series. Here’s the blurb:

‘the shortest distance between two points is to be everywhere’ – Tom Raworth 

One of the exciting things about poetry is that between the first and last line anything can happen. We will read stimulating poems and use various strategies to write our own. You will take away 4-5 first drafts and suggestions for further writing.

You’re welcome to book a place here.

Two new poems on Anthropocene

Great to have new work published on Anthropocene online poetry journal. Thanks to Charlie Baylis. It was satisfying, I have to say, to have Bob Dylan and the Screwfix catalogue appear in the one poem. ‘Fish Street’ is a companion poem to ‘Awareness Through Movement’ which appeared a while ago on Litter magazine, edited by Alan Baker. Both poems are set in St Ives. ‘Psychology’ is the first poem to be published in an ongoing sequence.