No One You Know: 75 Great Poems You Never Knew Existed

There’s nothing quite like coming across a poem, novel, or a piece of music that you’ve never encountered before, especially when it’s been recommended by a friend, and especially when it’s been, for whatever reason, neglected. It’s like sharing a brilliant secret.

No One You Know is the title of a new poetry anthology which will be edited by two good friends of mine, the poets Sue Dymoke and Anthony Wilson.  It will feature 75 great poems that you might never have known existed.

In the words of the editors: ‘The book listens in on conversations between seventy-five leading British and Irish poets and their favourite undiscovered poets and poems, and brings them into the open. We have invited each poet to write about a never-before-anthologised poem that they passionately believe deserves a wider audience and to share both the poem and their thoughts about it with readers.’

The book will be published by Unbound Books, an excellent crowdfunding publisher. To check out the book and the contributors, and to pledge support, click here.


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