Writers in Schools research

It’s good to see  ‘Class Writing’ available (‘A NAWE Research Report into the Writers-in-Schools Ecology’) by Paul Munden and Nick Owen, in which I was involved last year. It hardly seems surprising that writers going into schools have a profound effect on the writing of young people, but it’s good to see it looked at so carefully. The report demonstrates the importance of managing visits by writers in such a way as to ensure that the benefits are sustained and long-lasting. It’s full of good things, such as this quotation by Anne Fine on re-drafting:

‘I feel extremely distressed at the moment about watching some children being expected to re-draft on the grounds, the very spurious grounds, that that is what a real writer does…art is the product and not the process. I hope this fashion for re-drafting will die out very fast because it’s putting an awful lot of really bright, cheerful, happy children off English.’

Also Sue Horner’s report Magic Dust that Lasts, which looks at ways to increase the reach and impact of writers in schools, is now available on the Arts Council website.


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