Troubles Swapped for Something Fresh

Great. Just got back from Paris to find Rupert Loydell’s Troubles Swapped for Something Fresh that arrived when I was away: a collection of writings about writing (manifestos and anti-manifestos). The anthology includes my piece Flying: A Poetics, which started out as a chapter of my PhD thesis: a collection of aphorism and quotations about writing, referring also to writers and artists including Picasso, Tom Raworth, Frank O’Hara, Pasternak, Apollinaire, Kenneth Koch, John Ashbery and others.

Troubles Swapped for Something Fresh includes contributions by 42 writers, including Andy Brown, Luke Kennard, Jackson MacLow, Mario Petrucci, Robert Sheppard, Peter Finch, Sheila E. Murphy, Alan Halsey, Nick Piombino, Andrew Taylor, Scott Thurston… You can read more about it here. If you haven’t yet bought your book from Salt Publishing, following their appeal, this is a good place to start.

Another place to start might be Tom Raworth’s Earn Your Milk: Collected Prose which I bought a week or two ago. It contains ‘A Serial Biography’, ‘Letters from Yaddo’, ‘The Vein’ and ‘A Letter to Martin Stannard.’ I first came across the letter to Martin in Joe Soap’s Canoe 14 back in 1991- it’s worth buying Earn Your Milk for this alone – and the rest of it is equally astonishing.


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