Invitation to the Cloud Chamber


The Cloud Chamber is an online meeting space to share ideas, skills, poems and experience about writing poetry in different disciplines. Contributors will be poets, educators, academics and researchers who have an interest in the way in which poetry can play a vital part in the process of learning, for example in enabling young people to respond imaginatively to the world around them. The Cloud Chamber will create a network of people who are involved in poetry developments throughout the UK. As well as enabling them to share skills and experience, it may also lead to further collaborative work.

Contributions will initially be in three categories:

1. PHILOSOPHY, THOUGHTS AND IMPLICATIONS: The aim of this section is to raise and discuss any ideas about writing poems across the curriculum, including practical implications and reservations;

2. POEMS AND CONNECTIONS – For any poems (allowing for copyright restrictions), including poems of your own that are relevant to the issue of writing poems in different disciplines. The poems can stand alone or they can be accompanied by comments, for example on the poems themselves, on writing them, or on how they relate to using poetry in different disciplines;

3. PRACTICE, EXPERIENCE, IDEAS AND RESOURCES – This section is for experiences of writing poems with students across the curriculum or working with teachers in this area; it can be used for sharing ideas for writing poems in different disciplines. Ideas can be exploratory and tentative, or tried and tested. This category can also be used for posting resources and links to resources.

Led by Cliff Yates, The Cloud Chamber is the latest development of the Poetryclass project organised by the Poetry Society ‘to bring poetry alive in the classroom’. The next phase of the development will be to design and pilot poetry modules that can be incorporated into the training of primary school teachers.

The Cloud Chamber will run for three months only, from the end of May until the end of August 2009. If you would like to take part, or if you would like further information, please email Angel Dahouk at the Poetry Society: or call her on 020 7420 9889. Please tell her how you heard about The Cloud Chamber and include a brief biographical note (75 words).


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